“What to expect in my blog this season.”

September 2, 2008

Ow! To much to think of.


Well i know one thing there will be lots and lots of guides. I will have many guides for any one who needs them i will have the links in the pictures. I will have so many guides any one who reads them will know every answere and anything abought wyd XD.


I will also have pictures and videos i already got a few but i will have more i will add the pictures to my website that are added to the wyd global website every day. And i will also go around wyd randomly and get some cool action shots of people so every one look out XD. i will have my favorite youtube vids also check them out hurry and go see!


I will write abought the topics the cm’s give me every week just like right now…… yep still writing… These topics so far are even fun. Bring on the topics. I will update my topics daily.


I will have a page abought me if u whant to get to know me just read my page that i got up now just like the topics if something pops up in my head abought it ill write it down.

Picture of the day…

Dhar rules!

Dhar rules!


“Things that i learned in WYDIANS JOURNAL SEASON 1″

September 1, 2008


Thats a hard one XD

Well i learned how to make a god character.OOhh i also learned how to make some anchient weapons.Didn’t really read much just liked to look at the pictures and stuff. Wasnt on the blog much i knew my brother did it but just didnt seem to be into the blog. But now i am comming to give it a try. lol……noocake you rock! lol noobcakes stuff is awsome!

comming back

I plan to come back and read more blogs learn more stuff and work on my blog since im more active now with my blog. And ill show all those bloggers what im made of.

Solo my bro

Solo my bro