A normal morning…

September 10, 2008

Ok i have bin working on this for wile.

Ok this morning i woke up and i thought it would be a normal morning wake up take a shower eat breakfast pack my lunch and go to school…. oh my gosh was i wrong.

Breaking news

Breaking news? Is this really happening???

Ok it all started when i woke up of course. I walk in to the kitchen grab some pop tarts and went to go watch t.v while i eat. My mom is in there and she watching the news and all of a sudden she yells for me to hurry and come. I go and she says look at this! I look at the t.v and wyd global is on there?!?!?!? There was a breaking news said that wyd global found a way into our world? i said to my self “How could this actually be happening?” But yes, it all was true. They said that the maker of the game found a way to make these figures in the game come to our world. Without him not knowing what may actually happen, he does it anyways. They start to show pictures of them and it amazes me…

They are doing every thing!

They are racing in motorcross? what the crap?

They are racing in motor cross? what the crap?

USA won because of them in the Olympics.!!!!!!!!

Here’s the cool part they are fighting in the war for us!

They are fighting for our war!

They are fighting for our war!

Well who knows how we will live our life’s now…????? What is this world coming to?


Ways to get around

September 9, 2008

The main way i get around is from the griffin master he can fly you to places around the map. He is located in armia by the gate that leads to the training field. He is 100% free and takes you every were.

Another way to get around is portals. Theres a portal in every town they do cost a fee but it is verry low around 700gold verry cheap but from the potals you can go to town to town in secounds or you can take the griffin for free but have to wait a little wile.

If you were to ask me what way i would take, i would say the portals becuase they are really fast i know wich ways to go and were they lead and i have enough moneyh to pay for them. But if your new to the game i would recomend the griffin.

That is abought the griffin master.

Guide to make froggy swords

September 7, 2008

Make you froggy swords the easy way follow my guide…

froggy swords

froggy swords

Ok first what you do is make a new character and go into the tutorial training grounds. Talk to carbunkle wind and he will give you skills you will be much stronger and not die as easily. 

ok after that you need to train till you an wield the cuttless sword. When you can wield it equip it then obtain the first gate key, you can usually get it from crills.

When you get the key talk to the first trainer (wielding cuttless)

Then go to the 2nd gate and obtain the 2nd key by killing te giant crill

Then when you get the 2nd gate key talk to the second trainer

Then after you talk to the second trainer go onto the 3rd gate, there you will obtain the 3rd key by killing the orc sniper.

Then after obtaining the 3rd key talk to the third trainer.

When you get done with all that go back to the main town armia you should have a cuttless +3 if you do then you did all the steps the right way if not then go back and repeat the steps. Ok go to the cargo guard in armia not the one in the building but the one next to aki. go through the portal right next to cargo guard. The one that leads to the armia field.Then view the picture bellow and you can see were you are after you go through the portal then look on the map were you need to go.

Ok go to were the map tells you to go. Around there you will see a cuttless unicorn there you will have to take the cuttless +3 and putt it into your inventory and talk to the unicorn then you will have a froggy sword.



September 5, 2008

Do you have a mount?

Mounts are very useful in the game to me, i my self have a fenrir lvl 65 with 72% more magic attack power and 467 damage increase.

Types of mounts

There are many types of mounts out there in wyd global. There’s the Pig, Tamed boar, Tamed wolf, Dragon puppy, Tamed bear, Smilodon, and many many horses im shure not going to name them all because there’s 10 of them, the Fenrir, Unicorn, Pegasus, Unisus. And what i cant wait for is when they come out with the griffin, dragon, Fire tiger, and Red dragon.

(These Mounts Are ~NOT~ Yet In The Game)


What type of mount should i use?

Ok if you are a foema u should use the fenrir the one i got becuase it is just as good as he unicorn at magic but cost allot less. But now if your a Beastmaster Transknight or Hunter go with the unicorn really good attack on it so you will do more damage on enemies.

Raising a baby to a mount

Ok you must first ubtain the egg u whant to grow into a adult. Then use many many ori powders on it to hatch it. Once then you would mount it like a regular mount. And go out in to armia field were there are extreamly easy monsters to kill with your baby. What you will do is attack the monster and then click some were off the monster make shure auto attack isn’t on. Every monster you kill it will obtain 1 exp, yes it will take a long time. Abought at lvl 25 you will stop getting exp on those really low level monsters so you will move up to a little bit strong monsters than do the same at, 50, 75, and soon you will have a level 1 ridable mount. Then you would use the essence for that mount on it just lke using ori powders on a weapon/armor. And just like that you could fail every so often times you fail your mount will loose a lvl but rarely it does.

Me on my fenrir

Me on my fenrir

Yellow Brick Road?!?!?!?!?

September 4, 2008

The yellow Brick Road?

Ok here’s my story. Board as always, Running through towns and srv’s, trying to find something to do. When i heard rumors of a road that leads to Armia land….? So i go to every serv when all of a sudden (BOOM)! There it was! the Yellow Brick Road! So in curiosity i follow it…. i go past the pk zone then at the gates there is a guy he says (“Welcome To Armia Please follow and you will receive 1billion gold”)………… So of course just like any other poor noob would do we follow, i follow all the way to the cargo guard and he offers to trade me. I push accept trade and he gives me (10)gold! He says, (“Sorry you were one of the last ones to come so you will receive all that is left’) OMG!!! What a load of doo doo! XD

(NOTE) please do not go looking for a yellow brick road, If u go looking for the yellow brick road in hope of dreams and riches (You will be highly disappointed) ~(NOT REAL)~

The yellow brick road

The yellow brick road

The God Character???

September 4, 2008

I my self am a god character when i was about to make one, i didn’t know much about them. And i bet there are many out there who are wondering ‘ What is the difference between the mortal and god’?


Well first off the gods, they get wicked awesome armor and weapons. Weapon like the thron zen staff with a 108% magic attack pretty good =). OK the armor you get good armor and if u get it fully upgraded its better than a newb set, And the armor looks awesome.

Making a God character..

When i first made my god (Really Easy) i wondered what is the difference between the god and the mortal, I thought the only difference was the armor and weapons. Nope! You get 1000 extra stat points! Yes thats right 1000 hole stat points!

And that’s not all!!!

When your not weiring any armor as a god you still look freaking awesome! Not that old fashion plane clothes like the mortal. You get some awesome new clothes if you would like a preview of what that looks like just view the picture i took of myself with no armor on below… You usually don’t see that kinda clothes on gods because there always wearing there armor…

Me as God (NO ARMOR)

Me as God (NO ARMOR) ~cape and staff not incuded~ XD

The truth behind the CM’s

September 4, 2008

Have u ever seen the cm’s in the game? Have u ever wanted to know what there really like?

Bellow you can see the truth abought the cm’s

The cm’s houses…

CM Tonberry's House

CM Tonberry's House

CM Aruman's House XD

CM Aruman's House

CM Nyx's House

CM Nyx's House

CM Dhar's House

CM Dhar's House

~(NOTE)~ These are not there real Houses…….far as i know there not =)