A normal morning…

Ok i have bin working on this for wile.

Ok this morning i woke up and i thought it would be a normal morning wake up take a shower eat breakfast pack my lunch and go to school…. oh my gosh was i wrong.

Breaking news

Breaking news? Is this really happening???

Ok it all started when i woke up of course. I walk in to the kitchen grab some pop tarts and went to go watch t.v while i eat. My mom is in there and she watching the news and all of a sudden she yells for me to hurry and come. I go and she says look at this! I look at the t.v and wyd global is on there?!?!?!? There was a breaking news said that wyd global found a way into our world? i said to my self “How could this actually be happening?” But yes, it all was true. They said that the maker of the game found a way to make these figures in the game come to our world. Without him not knowing what may actually happen, he does it anyways. They start to show pictures of them and it amazes me…

They are doing every thing!

They are racing in motorcross? what the crap?

They are racing in motor cross? what the crap?

USA won because of them in the Olympics.!!!!!!!!

Here’s the cool part they are fighting in the war for us!

They are fighting for our war!

They are fighting for our war!

Well who knows how we will live our life’s now…????? What is this world coming to?


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