Guide to make froggy swords

Make you froggy swords the easy way follow my guide…

froggy swords

froggy swords

Ok first what you do is make a new character and go into the tutorial training grounds. Talk to carbunkle wind and he will give you skills you will be much stronger and not die as easily. 

ok after that you need to train till you an wield the cuttless sword. When you can wield it equip it then obtain the first gate key, you can usually get it from crills.

When you get the key talk to the first trainer (wielding cuttless)

Then go to the 2nd gate and obtain the 2nd key by killing te giant crill

Then when you get the 2nd gate key talk to the second trainer

Then after you talk to the second trainer go onto the 3rd gate, there you will obtain the 3rd key by killing the orc sniper.

Then after obtaining the 3rd key talk to the third trainer.

When you get done with all that go back to the main town armia you should have a cuttless +3 if you do then you did all the steps the right way if not then go back and repeat the steps. Ok go to the cargo guard in armia not the one in the building but the one next to aki. go through the portal right next to cargo guard. The one that leads to the armia field.Then view the picture bellow and you can see were you are after you go through the portal then look on the map were you need to go.

Ok go to were the map tells you to go. Around there you will see a cuttless unicorn there you will have to take the cuttless +3 and putt it into your inventory and talk to the unicorn then you will have a froggy sword.



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