Do you have a mount?

Mounts are very useful in the game to me, i my self have a fenrir lvl 65 with 72% more magic attack power and 467 damage increase.

Types of mounts

There are many types of mounts out there in wyd global. There’s the Pig, Tamed boar, Tamed wolf, Dragon puppy, Tamed bear, Smilodon, and many many horses im shure not going to name them all because there’s 10 of them, the Fenrir, Unicorn, Pegasus, Unisus. And what i cant wait for is when they come out with the griffin, dragon, Fire tiger, and Red dragon.

(These Mounts Are ~NOT~ Yet In The Game)


What type of mount should i use?

Ok if you are a foema u should use the fenrir the one i got becuase it is just as good as he unicorn at magic but cost allot less. But now if your a Beastmaster Transknight or Hunter go with the unicorn really good attack on it so you will do more damage on enemies.

Raising a baby to a mount

Ok you must first ubtain the egg u whant to grow into a adult. Then use many many ori powders on it to hatch it. Once then you would mount it like a regular mount. And go out in to armia field were there are extreamly easy monsters to kill with your baby. What you will do is attack the monster and then click some were off the monster make shure auto attack isn’t on. Every monster you kill it will obtain 1 exp, yes it will take a long time. Abought at lvl 25 you will stop getting exp on those really low level monsters so you will move up to a little bit strong monsters than do the same at, 50, 75, and soon you will have a level 1 ridable mount. Then you would use the essence for that mount on it just lke using ori powders on a weapon/armor. And just like that you could fail every so often times you fail your mount will loose a lvl but rarely it does.

Me on my fenrir

Me on my fenrir


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