Yellow Brick Road?!?!?!?!?

The yellow Brick Road?

Ok here’s my story. Board as always, Running through towns and srv’s, trying to find something to do. When i heard rumors of a road that leads to Armia land….? So i go to every serv when all of a sudden (BOOM)! There it was! the Yellow Brick Road! So in curiosity i follow it…. i go past the pk zone then at the gates there is a guy he says (“Welcome To Armia Please follow and you will receive 1billion gold”)………… So of course just like any other poor noob would do we follow, i follow all the way to the cargo guard and he offers to trade me. I push accept trade and he gives me (10)gold! He says, (“Sorry you were one of the last ones to come so you will receive all that is left’) OMG!!! What a load of doo doo! XD

(NOTE) please do not go looking for a yellow brick road, If u go looking for the yellow brick road in hope of dreams and riches (You will be highly disappointed) ~(NOT REAL)~

The yellow brick road

The yellow brick road


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