The God Character???

I my self am a god character when i was about to make one, i didn’t know much about them. And i bet there are many out there who are wondering ‘ What is the difference between the mortal and god’?


Well first off the gods, they get wicked awesome armor and weapons. Weapon like the thron zen staff with a 108% magic attack pretty good =). OK the armor you get good armor and if u get it fully upgraded its better than a newb set, And the armor looks awesome.

Making a God character..

When i first made my god (Really Easy) i wondered what is the difference between the god and the mortal, I thought the only difference was the armor and weapons. Nope! You get 1000 extra stat points! Yes thats right 1000 hole stat points!

And that’s not all!!!

When your not weiring any armor as a god you still look freaking awesome! Not that old fashion plane clothes like the mortal. You get some awesome new clothes if you would like a preview of what that looks like just view the picture i took of myself with no armor on below… You usually don’t see that kinda clothes on gods because there always wearing there armor…

Me as God (NO ARMOR)

Me as God (NO ARMOR) ~cape and staff not incuded~ XD


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